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- Scano Boa and navigation between lagoons and reeds, the boundary between land and water
Every Sunday at 10.30 and 15.00 with boarding at Rifugio al Canarin in Polesine Camerini guided excursion with a flat bottom boat. Scano Boa is the borderland between man and nature, the only human traces of the houses cane fishermen wrapped in a beautiful wild unspoiled. Here you will find birds of all kinds, from small waders to the seafood woodcock, up to discover the beautiful foxes, a very particular species of duck of which this place is rich. Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

- The Po di Maistra and the floodplain of Cà Pisani
Every Saturday afternoon with boarding from Ca' Tiepolo at 10.30 and 15.00 guided excursion with a flat bottom boat of about two hours on the most natural and wild branch of the Po, after climbing the Po of Venice to the incile of the Po of Maistra, you continue navigation in this narrow branch among the lush floodplains characterized by willows, poplars and amorphous fruit, until you get to the floodplain of Cà Pisani, paradise for bird-Watchers, once a fishing valley and hunting area, now managed by the Forest Service and managed by the Park Authority. On the return short passage near the garzaia in order not to disturb the nidification.
Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

-- The Po of Venice with its buse
Every Sunday morning from April to October with boarding from Cà Tiepolo at 10.00 am guided excursion by motorboat. Navigation along the Po of Venice, which is the main branch and eventually becomes Po di Pila, and branches into three mouths: Busa di Scirocco, Busa di Tramontana and Busa Dritta. It 'a complete itinerary with a wide view of river basins, lagoons and vast reeds with a remarkable presence of birds: gulls herons and seafood snipes. Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

- The lagoons between Po di Tolle
Every day from Monday to Friday during the summer season boarding from Porto Barricata at 10.30 and 15.30 guided boat excursion on the mouths of the Po di Tolle, inside the Po Delta Park. You can observe different environments of the Great River, from the garzaie, the cities of herons, lagoons and reeds that dominate this territory, such as the Sacca del Canarin and the island of Bonelli Levante.
Info: 0426/380314, 334/7035765

- The lagoon of Caleri
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10.00 and 15.30 during the summer season, with a flat bottom boat with boarding from the pier of Porto Caleri in Rosolina sea an excursion in the lagoon with its water gardens Info: 0426/380314, 334/7035765

-- Bocche del Po di Pila, La grande foce Bike & Boat in the Po Delta Park
All Sundays and holidays, Boat excursions with boarding from Ca' Tiepolo at 9.30 am hike of almost three hours to the mouth of the Po sitting comfortably appreciating the nature that surrounds us the itinerary can be completed with the experience of a bike ride that can be loaded on the motorboat to do on the outward or return. Info: 0426/380314, 334/7035765

- Fishing - Tourism
On board small boats you can go into the reeds and valleys you can try a new form of tourism, fishing you stop in the "cavane" typical fishermen’s houses you eat fish and live a beautiful experience in contact with nature info: 0426/389316 348/2848885

-Boat trips on the Po di Maistra Excursions in the ancient master branch, more suggestive and rich in flora and fauna, from Boccasette to reach the course of the Po of Venice in the municipality of Porto tolle Possibility of lunch on board.
For info and reservations www.ilvaporetto.it


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